Nursing students often have a variety of roles to balance and can feel overwhelmed, so good time management is essential.

For some nurses, good time management comes naturally, but for others it is challenging.

Having effective time management skills will help you to look at the big picture, set priorities maximise productivity and achieve goals.

Time management is important for you to manage your academic responsibilities, but also to prioritise patient care.

Within this module you will find a number of resources that provide practical strategies to help you learn good time management skills.

Time management for ED Nurses

10 Time Management Tips For Nurses
Ten quick and easy tips that will help you deal with the hectic, unpredictable nature of nursing.

Swing Shift Nurses
Time management tips for nurses.

Time Management for Nurses

12 Time Management Tips Every Nurse Should Know
A nurse’s job isn’t as easy as what most people think. In addition to administering medications, assisting patients during ambulation, and performing routine assessments and procedures within their shift, they also have to finish the chores they left at home and attend to their families’ needs.

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