Resilience can be a way to bounce back or cope with stressful situations.

The idea of just carrying on regardless is counterproductive and will likely have detrimental consequences to a nurse’s well-being.

Nurses working in high intensity areas such as the ED are at high risk of stress and burnout, so the need to be resilient is paramount. Building resilience is a strategy to constructively respond to a challenging or a stressful situation.

Resilience is something that takes time to develop, but through self-care strategies and techniques this protective mechanism will allow you to cope with workplace stress, adapt and improve self-confidence.

Within this module you will find a number of resources that promote building resilience.

ED Nursing - Building Resilience

Fighting Nursing Student Burnout
The most important person you care for as a nurse is yourself. Those called to healthcare often have the drive to give, to empathize, and to care for others.

Building Emotional Resilience in Nursing
The necessity for all nurses to be emotionally resilient is an essential characteristic if positive mental and physical health is to be maintained. ‘Emotional resilience’ is considered to be a new buzz phrase within modern-day society.

Meditation made simple. Brilliant things happen in calm minds

How to deal with bullying in nursing clinical placements
The Nurse Path founder Ian Miller says that bullying is the topic that comes up in his conversations both online and amongst other nurses more than any other.

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