Rapidly evolving technological advances in healthcare have transformed how nurses deliver patient care.

The ED is a highly specialised clinical area and requires nurses to be confident and competent in the use of technology. It is understood that technology can be intimidating to the novice nurse entering a clinical environment. Whilst you will not be expected to have expertise in the use of technology, it will be important to embrace technology and to demonstrate a desire to learn. As a student it will be an excellent opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with the technology.

Within this module there are articles highlighting how the use of technology is changing and how nurses deliver patient care in the ED.

Use of Technology in the ED
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Nurse Code
What impact does technology have on nursing?

7 innovations transforming emergency care
Technology has revolutionized the way medical professionals work, communicate, and process information?

Technology in the Emergency Department
In the popular media, emergency departments (ED) are usually associated with long wait times and uninsured patients.

The Future of Emergency Medicine: Innovations Making Patients The Point-of-Care
Digital health innovations making patients the point-of-care could become a great help for first responders and emergency units in the battle against time.

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