Emergency Department nurses are considered to be at the forefront of complex patient care, facing a number of challenges on a day-to-day basis.

Emergency Department (ED) nursing is fast paced. People can present with a wide range of conditions that require nurses to have a specialised skillset to competently assess and manage care. An ED nurse is faced with a number of challenges and needs to be able to think critically and make effective decisions using a problem solving process. Prioritisation of care is essential. As a nursing student, you will have the opportunity to gain an insight into what it is like to work in an ED setting, and be mentored by experienced ED Nurses who are experts in this field of nursing. Perhaps you will decide that emergency nursing is for you and want to follow this exciting career pathway.

ED nurses Abeni, Simon and Georgia discuss their experiences of working in the ED and why they chose a career in this fast paced and high intensity patient care setting.

ED Nurse
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Charlie’s ED
This site has been developed by some of the Emergency Physicians at Sir Charlie Gairdner Hospital involved in the intradepartmental education program, who share an interest in medical education.

What Do Emergency Nurses Do?
In going along with our “what do nurses do” series, Susan DuPont, fellow nurse blogger and emergency nurse, will go over what emergency nurses do!

ED triage attendances and waiting time (daily)
Number of ED triage attendances and median waiting time.

What is an Emergency Room Nurse?
An emergency room nurse (also referred to as an ER nurse or ICU nurse) is an experienced registered nurse who specializes in providing critical medical care and specialized treatment to patients that are either critically injured or severely ill.

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