Interpreting blood lab value can seem confusing as nursing students and graduate nurses are often not entirely familiar with normal ranges and what abnormal blood values represent in the context of the patient’s health status.

Understanding blood values is particularly important for the ED nurse, as patients are often acutely unwell and require early intervention.

This means nurses need to be able to critically think and correlate any abnormal findings in a patient’s clinical presentation so that the correct course of action can be taken.

Within this module are resources that will assist you to gain knowledge and skills to interpret blood values.

Blood laboratory value interpretation

Must Know Laboratory Values for Nurses
When it comes to NCLEX, some things need to be memorized. And the laboratory values for nurses are certainly among them.

To Help You Dominate Your Labs

ED triage attendances and waiting time (daily)
Number of ED triage attendances and median waiting time.

What is an Emergency Room Nurse?
An emergency room nurse (also referred to as an ER nurse or ICU nurse) is an experienced registered nurse who specializes in providing critical medical care and specialized treatment to patients that are either critically injured or severely ill.